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December 2001

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CCNY's Rosenberg/Humphrey Interns Continue Public Service Tradition

Felicia Roff
, the director, reports on an important CUNY student internship program at City College.

Congressman Stephen Horn (D-CA) and Fariha Khaliq.
Until recently, City College junior Nsagha Efiom planned to become a lawyer. However, after an internship this past summer, which she described as "a life- changing experience," Nsagha is now looking for a career that will combine law with public policy and service. She learned about the City College Rosenberg/Humphrey Internship Program through the College's Honors Center, where Director Robin Villa and Coordinator Lee Linde regularly advise CCNY's best students to broaden their horizons by exploring public policy.
The Program follows in a long City College tradition of dedication to public service. Indeed, inscribed on a plaque in Shepard Hall, a neo-Gothic building that students pass through each day, is the Ephebic Oath that all City College students recite when they receive their diplomas. The oath concludes, "We will strive to transmit this city. . .greater, better, and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us."Today, City College students are encouraged to extend the oath beyond "this city" and strive to leave the world a better place than the one they entered.
Rosenberg/Humphrey helps students to do just that. It was established in 1984 by Marvin Rosenberg (Class of 1928), a deeply committed political liberal who took up the challenge of public service throughout his life. His close relationship with Senator Hubert Humphrey, a champion of civil rights legislation and other liberal causes, led to the birth of a program that translated Senator Humphrey¬s national vision and Rosenberg's dedication into a commitment to study public service that CCNY students continue today.

CCNY interns, left to right: Nsagha Efiom, Wendy Prudencio, Christine Appah, Oscar Warren Hunter, Fariha Khaliq, Aline Solange Santos, Ray-Ann Farris, Igor Povolotskiy, Magundo Touray, and Lily M. Hoffman, Director. Photo, Khalil Almustafa.

Nsagha was accepted as one of the nine Rosenberg/Humphrey Interns for 2001, and awarded a summer internship with the Constituency for Africa (CFA) in Washington. Among her many projects was assisting CFA in increasing the public's awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. Describing her internship experience, Nsagha says, "I would not trade my experience at CFA for anything. Before departing for D.C., I had no knowledge of the severity of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Now, I'm deeply committed to increasing awareness of this pandemic and have gained first-hand knowledge of how foreign policy is strongly influenced by organizations such as CFA."
For eight weeks this past summer—thanks to the continuing support of CCNY alumni, the Board of Directors, Program Director Lily M. Hoffman, and Assistant Director Kevin Foster—Nsagha was joined by six other CCNY students in the capital and two students who completed internships in New York City. All R/H interns receive a stipend, and those in Washington were housed at George Washington University.
Magundo Touray, a senior, spent her summer interning at The Brookings Institute. She coordinated an event for the Presidential Appointee Initiative, drafted press releases and media follow-ups for Brookings scholars, and designed the web companion for senior scholar Joyce Ladner's new book, The New Urban Leaders. Even with her busy internship schedule, Magundo took advantage of Washington's international job seminars and networking opportunities. Through her Brookings Institute supervisors, Magundo was able to meet with representatives of the World Bank, the United Nations, Department of State, Trans-Africa Forum, Africare, and the International Monetary Development Group to explore future internships and full-time positions.
CCNY Acting Dean of Social Science Vivien C. Tartter champions the program, and each year has recognized a significant growth in maturity when interns return.They all come back to CCNY with a renewed excitement for learning, and a better understanding of the tools necessary to make the world a better place.

Junior Igor Povolotskiy interned this summer at the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR). He reported on press conferences led by Representatives Jerrold Nadler and Barney Frank regarding faith-based initiatives, as well as a conference presented by Senator Hillary Clinton on racial profiling. Igor was awarded the Arnold Aronson Fellowship, LCCR's fellowship to honor the most promising R/H intern. He reflected in his journal, "The internship taught me to live, coexist, and to do so independently. . .Most importantly, it led me to think about my future, about who I am, and the place I choose for myself in this world."
The interns were welcomed back to campus from their summer of discovery, and attended a pizza party with CCNY's new president, Dr. Gregory H. Williams. Dr. Williams listened to the students'experiences and reminisced about his own awakening as a young adult to the challenges and rewards of public policy and service. "These internships represent democracy in its purist form—access based on ability. That's been a primary mission of City College from its very inception.

Although the primary beneficiaries of the program are the students, the professors involved receive personal rewards as well. Assistant Director Kevin Foster says,Mentoring CCNY students for Rosenberg/Humphrey has helped me to become a better teacher. It has allowed me to really get to know a small group of students each year and help them find their individual paths to success. We don¬t just drop them off in Washington and say ‘Good luck!’ We interact several times a week via Blackboard, a distance learning Web site, and exchange ideas, concerns and daily life experiences." Professor Foster and a 2000 intern, Adriana Espinoza, received the annual CCNY mentorship award for their work together. She is applying to Ph.D. programs in economics for fall 2002.

Fariha Khaliq (CCNY'03), a computer science major, proved to be a valuable staff member during her summer internship at the Subcommittee on Government Efficiency, Financial Management, and Intergovernmental Relations. She focused her internship on the government's role in computer security and reviewed the top ten computer security issues that will have an impact within the next two years on Congressional deliberations. Fariha also redesigned the Subcommittee's Hearings Web Page, edited the 2000 Congressional Report Card on Computer Security and developed the Subcommittee's Systems Software Questionnaire. She wrote in her last journal entry, "One of the many things I learned about myself is that even though I'm not a political science major, I wouldn't mind becoming a Congresswoman or Senator!"

For more information about The Rosenberg/Humphrey Program, please visit the website at or call 212.650.6809.

Ed. Note: Other opportunities for public service internships in the capital exist through the CUNY-wide Edward T. Rogowsky Internship in Government and Public Affairs program.