Spring 2001

At the Opening Gates: Three Lehman Students



ehman College students Antoinette Milton, Lynnette Negron, and Kevin Wyatte have much in common. All three are majoring in social work and currently have fieldwork jobs (Lehman is one of the few colleges in the metropolitan area that offers an undergraduate major in the field). All transferred to Lehman from Bronx Community College; and all are parents of young children. Now, it was announced in February, each has become a member of the inaugural class of Gates Millennium Scholars.

Gates Scholars Antoinette milton, left, with daughter La Tabiya-Marie, Kevin Wyatte, and Lynnette Negron.
Gates Scholars Antoinette Milton, left, with daughter LaTabiya-Marie, Kevin Wyatte, and Lynnette Negron.

These awards, established by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as part of a 20-year program to provide financial assistance to high-achieving minority students, went to 300 students in New York State. Milton, Negron, and Wyatte will use their scholarships to begin full-time graduate studies in social work this fall. Milton, from East Harlem, is interested in the fields of juvenile delinquency and criminal justice and has complete case management work at the High School for Health Professions and Social Work. Negron, from the Bronx, has minored in education and psychology and plans to work with adolescents. Also from the Bronx, Wyatte triple-majored in social work, psychology, and Black studies and has worked with homeless veterans at the Bronx V.A. hospital and mentored college prep students at Middle School 229.