Spring 2001

Easing the Pathway to Tenure: University's Faculty Publications Program



s part of its Gender and Culture Series, the University of North Carolina Press will be publishing this year Behind a Mask: The Artistry of Anger in American Womens Literature, 1820-1860 by York College English professor Linda Grass; the study explores the politics of anger in works by 19th-century American women. Also this year, Cornell University Press is bringing out Women Take Care: Gender, Race, and the Culture of AIDS, an examination of the media representation of the AIDS pandemic authored by LaGuardia Community College English professor Katie Hogan.

Helping to prepare for such happy scholarly debuts was the Faculty Publications Program (FPP), a CUNY-wide initiative designed to assist full-time, untenured faculty in three disciplinesHumanities, Education, or Social Sciences in the design and execution of writing projects for publication in their fields. The ultimate goal is to nurture a publication record substantial enough for promotion to tenure at the University. In Hogans case FPP is hitting the mark: she has already been promoted to associate professor and is eligible for tenure next fall.

Since spinning off from the prior Faculty Advancement Program (which commenced in 1989), FPP, in its three years of existence, has served 29 faculty participants who have produced countless articles and many books. Participants in the program—this year there are ten and an expansion is hoped for in the future receive reassigned time to write and to take part in a collegial writing group. So far, a book chapter and ten articles have been published among them, and further publications are expected in the spring.

For information about future opportunities for participation in FPP, call Jean Chen at 646-674-8574 at the University Office of Compliance and Diversity Programs in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Faculty and Staff Relations.