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February 2002
CUNY Responds: Rebuilding New York
CUNY Alumnus/Prize-winning Journalist Reports from Islamabad, Jalalabad, Kabul
City Tech Students Envision Rebuilding St. Nicholas Church
U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins Mulls Emergency Service of Verse
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Helping Students Write about Trauma
Biography of a Life Cut Violently Short
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Graduate Center 9/11 Digital Archive
Windows on the World Chef Returns to City Tech following 9/11
Walt Whitman Sums Up “Human and Heroic New York”
Inaugural Conference on "Women and Work"
For Alzheimer’s Patients Life’s a Stage
Kingsborough Center Incubator of Global Virtual Enterprises
Governor Proposes State Budget
White House Urged to Support Pell Grant Increase
President Jackson Named to Schools Board
Fine Way To Learn About Steinway

City College Scholar-Director Chosen Cultural Affairs Commissioner by Mayor

Claire Shulman Honored by QCC

CUNY Counsel Elected Legal Aid Society Chair

Law Dean Glen Honored by State Bar

“American Art at the Crossroads”—
April Symposium at Graduate Center

Challenging Summer for Students in Vassar/CUNY Program


Kingsborough Center Incubator of Global Virtual Enterprises

A remarkable new business education technology is currently thriving at Kingsborough Community College. CUNY's seaside campus now boasts The Universal Center for Virtual Enterprise (UCVE), which is a technology-driven business simulation program that allows students to conceive, create, and operate “virtual” firms.

Just as a pilot or police officer goes through a simulator dozens of times before flying or using a weapon in the line of duty, KCC students are simulating the development of marketing strategies, preparation of financial records, and the sale of products and services. These students are currently participating in a global Virtual Enterprise network comprised of more than 3,000 firms in 30 countries throughout New York City and State and around the world. The College site is composed of 15 firms housed in seven academic and career departments and serves about 850 students a year.

The virtual firms (and competitions among them) are all run in conjunction with real corporations that advise and act as judges, among them Citibank, Morgan Stanley, American Airlines, and Cisco Systems. Among related events designed to complement the UCVE are Business Plan Competitions, Business Conferences, International Trade Fairs, and Business Case Study Competitions.

The UCVE also provides training for school districts and BOCES programs throughout the state at conferences such as the one run by the Business Teachers Association of New York.

The Kingsborough site has been designated by the State Department of Education as a VE learning resource center and has received grants from several sources like the City Board of Education, the European Union, and the Fund for the Development of Post- secondary Education.