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May 2002
Future CUNY Facility on Governors Island Announced by Governor and Mayor.
Student Media Conference Addresses "Attack Mentality" after 9/11
Baruch Orients City Council Freshmen
Turning "D"s into Degrees: A CUNY Student Tells How
Life Resumes 500 Feet from Ground Zero
A Diaspora of CUNY Students into Halls of Power
A View to a Krill: Antarctic Expedition by College of Staten Island Scientists
The City University Attracts Talent from Near and Far
CUNY, PSC Announce Agreement on a New Contract
Chancellor Goldstein Initiates New Efficiencies, Greater Student Access to Learning Technology
Pulitzer Prize to Louis Menand
Executive Leadership Program Inaugurated
First Betty Shabazz Chair Appointed at Medgar Evers College
City University Retains New Fundraising Consultant
Former Congressman Dellums to Speak on AIDS at CCNY
City Tech Scholarship For All Four Seasons
Major CCNY Grant for Remote Sensing

Student Development, Enrollment Conference by Mayor

ReBuilding New York

New City College Biomedical Engineering Department

"Trailer Heroes" of BMCC Build at CCNY

A Life of Laura Bridgman—Disabled Pioneer in Education

Exotic Bird Alights at The Graduate Center


Major CCNY Grant for Remote Sensing

A consortium of universities led by City College has just received a $7.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to establish a Center for Remote Sensing Science and Technology. The funds will support programs aimed at atmospheric, environmental, and oceanic sciences. Remote sensing is the art of obtaining information about atmospheric or environmental phenomena from optical devices placed on satellite or land-based platforms.

One example of potential remote sensing applications offered by the consortium's director, CCNY engineering professor Reza Khanbilvardi, is the study of optical properties of turbidity, algae, and other suspended inorganic matter in coastal waters. More generally, remote sensing will permit the development of algorithms for satellite sensors monitoring atmospheric gases, clouds, and aerosols.