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Summer 2002
CUNY Biologists Cultivate New Medicines
Remarkable June Grads Break the Mold
Major CUNY Response to Nursing Shortage
Harlem Hospital Leader a Role Model for Salk Scholars
"Votes Rebuild New York" Campaign Launched
Goldstein “Closeup” On Honors College Governors Island, High Schools
CUNY ANNOUNCES 9/11 Memorial Competition
CCNY Engineer Honored by the Nation

Seminar-in-a-Book Ponders 9/11

From "Ground Zero" Rapper to City Council Candidate
Turning Anger into Literature
Model City Council Planned in the Fall
Highlights of 2002-2003 State Adopted Budget
Two New CUNY Trustees Appointed
Biomedical Engineer Wins Guggenheim
City University Leading Producer of Hispanic Graduates
The Challenge of AIDS in Africa
Bilingual: College French, Scientist's Latin
Presidential Appointments for Queens and York Colleges

Queens College Artist Adds New Passion to His Palette

El Diario-La Prensa Editor Honored at Model Senate

Intel Chief Plunges into Memory

Dual Citizen of the Pen

"Opticals" for Woody Allen, Illustrations for Mother Nature
CUNY Faculty Experts on Post-9/11 Response Listed on Web Site

Highlights of 2002-2003 State Adopted Budget

The budget adopted by the State Legislature in May totaled $1.037 billion for the senior colleges, an increase of $3.820 million over the Governor’s Executive Budget. This raise represents an increase of $1.060 million for new full-time faculty and $2.760 million to restore SEEK funding to its 2000-2001 level.

The community colleges will have their base aid increased by $2.7 million, reflecting a $50 per FTE increase. College Discovery funding was also restored to its 2000-2001 level, an increase of $190,000.

A proposed $155 million cut in the Tuition Assistance Program was fully restored, bringing the total TAP funding to $481 million. A proposal to defer one-third of TAP payments until the student receives a degree (which would have forced Federal loan-financed tuition on students) was dropped in the adopted budget.

The final budget also provides for child care funding of $1.440 million for all CUNY colleges to return to 2000-2001 levels. This will come not from the University’s budget but from the State’s Office of Children and Family Services.

Among several initiatives intended to nurture economic development were $225 million for “Gen*NY*sis,” a program to foster research in the life sciences, and $600 million to support the Empire Opportu-nity Fund, Centers for Excellence, and other programs. CUNY officials are working with the office of the Governor and legislative leaders on programs for University and business collaborations. Two million dollars were also provided for the James D. Watson Investigator program to encourage research by recent doctoral graduates.

The 2002-2003 budget continues funding for the previously approved $1 billion five-year capital plan, including $160 million in major bonded projects and $5 million in minor rehabilitation projects. Funding continues for new facilities at John Jay and Brooklyn Colleges, and CUNY-wide health and safety, preservation, and handicapped access projects.