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Summer 2002
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Harlem Hospital Leader a Role Model for Salk Scholars
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Dual Citizen of the Pen

"Opticals" for Woody Allen, Illustrations for Mother Nature
CUNY Faculty Experts on Post-9/11 Response Listed on Web Site

CUNY Faculty Experts
on Post-9/11 Response Listed on Web Site

New Yorkers working in the media can now take their “CUE” from a remarkable array of City University faculty experts in fields relevant to the terrorist attacks of September 11. Under the rubric “America Responds,” the City University Experts Service (CUE), which has its own icon on the CUNY home page, provides a roster of scholars and staff at the 20 member colleges and professional schools who have extensive knowledge in four broad areas of great interest since the terrorist attacks: Middle Eastern Affairs and Islam; World Trade Center and Structural Engineering; Islamic Culture in the U.S.; and Trauma in the Workplace.

The several dozen experts are listed according to their area of expertise, ranging from Arabic languages and culture (Hunter anthropologist Jonathan Shannon), U.S. immigration policies (Brooklyn College’s Prof. Philip Napoli), and post-traumatic stress disorder (clinical psychologists Robert DeLucia and Caridad Sanchez at John Jay College), to city planning and real estate (Professors Henry Wollman and Ellen Posner at Baruch College).

Mark Ungar of the Brooklyn College political science department, has participated in human rights missions in the Middle East, while Edward Rogoff, who directs Baruch’s Field Center for Entre-preneurship and Small Business, has been assisting small businesses affected by the WTC disaster. John Jay historian Antoine Abraham is an expert on Islamic fundamentalism, while New York City Technical College’s Mewburn Humphrey is knowledgeable about the Port Authority and structural engineering issues.

The CUE site can be directly accessed at