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October 2001

Campuses Mobilize After Terrorist Attack

CUNY's "Success Express" Highlights Grads
Freshman Enrollment Rises at CUNY
First Festival Presented by Gotham Center
CUNY TV enhances recruiting outreach
U.S. Cheers Poet Laureate: Prof. Billy Collins
A Dream of Food On Washington Mall
Navy League Award to Hunter Physicist
Nine Leading Scholars Named Distinguished Professors
Haitian First Lady, CCNY Alumna, Feted
Baruch College Opens Vertical Campus
Historic Matters
Baruch Center Confronts Quality of Urban Life
Hunter College Historian Communes with the Saints
A Displaced Person Discovers His Place on Campus
CUNY Students Vault into Poll Work
Double Play for CUNY Broadcasters
Navy League Award To Hunter Physicist
A Hunter College physicist highly regarded for his mentoring of minority science students, Dr. Steven Greenbaum will receive the Roosevelts Gold Medal for Science from the New York Council of the Navy League of the United States, a civilian organization.

doctor steven greenbaumA very productive researcher in advanced forms of energy storage, Greenbaum’s work has produced applications in many areas, including more efficient household electrical consumption, electric cars, compact power sources for smaller spacecraft, and lighter, more efficient power sources for military communications gear. The Roosevelts Medal will cite him for “contributions to our country and particularly our national security.”

Among students who have served on Greenbaum’s research group are two of only six African Americanwomen to earn Ph.D.s in physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He earned his own doctorate at Brown University, has been a Fulbright Scholar at the Weizmann Institute of Science, and has conducted research with both the Naval and Army Research Laboratories.

Greenbaum is also a key Hunter organizer of the “College Now” collaboration between CUNY and the NYC Board of Education that introduces outstanding high school students to credit-bearing college-level work.