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Every CUNY college will have an international students' office, where you can find advisors familiar with international student issues.
Though they may have slightly different names, all CUNY colleges have offices dedicated to providing student services. These offices are a great support in helping you to enroll in, and complete your program of interest. They are instrumental in helping students to understand their degree requirements, select courses, maintain good grades, and adjust to student life in the U.S. The following are some of the offices, services and activities that will be beneficial to you.

Admissions Office
There is an Admissions Office at every CUNY college. Staff in this office will help you to understand the admissions procedures for enrolling in the degree, certificate and special programs offered at their individual institutions. Since admissions procedures for freshman, transfer, graduate level, doctoral level and law students can vary from one CUNY College to another, it is very helpful to find out in advance about the admissions procedures for the college you are seeking enrollment. This information can be found on each college's website.

Academic Advisement Office
Each college has an office or center for academic advisement. The staff in this office help students make important decisions regarding their academic program requirements and educational goals. Upon enrollment, graduate students are assigned an academic advisor in their particular field to guide them through their course and degree requirements.

Registrar's Office
The Office of the Registrar is responsible for maintaining student information and records like dates of enrollment, courses taken, and grades earned. If you change your name or local address while studying at CUNY, it is important to notify your college's Registrar's office about the change.

Bursar's Office
The Bursar's office is responsible for the collection of student tuition and fees. This includes accepting payments, deferring bills, and processing refunds due to overpayment. Once you have registered for your courses, the Bursar's office will send you a statement listing your tuition and fees for the semester and providing instructions on how to submit payment. Tuition and fees will vary, depending on the CUNY college that you attend and the degree you are seeking.
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