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Your college provides special services, such as writing centers, to help improve your skills.
International Student Services at CUNY
CUNY takes special pride in its international student body and offers many resources to aid the students in their transition to the U.S. The staff in the offices of International Students and Scholars at each individual campus is available to advise you on college orientation, course registration procedures, employment options, and how to maintain your visa and immigration status. Please take advantage of this valuable resource. You may contact your International Student Advisor, Designated School Officials (DSO) or Responsible Officers (RO) for further information.

Health Services
It is the mission of CUNY's Student Health Services Division to make quality health care and health education available to all CUNY students. Therefore, each CUNY campus has a health center where you can go for immunizations, routine medical visits, and basic first aid. Staff in this office are trained to be sensitive to the cultural diversity of the CUNY population. Click here for a list of health center addresses and phone numbers.

Counseling Services
It is not uncommon for students studying in a foreign country to experience homesickness, cultural adjustment issues, and stress. If you have any of these feelings while studying at CUNY, you may visit your college's counseling office for help. This is a confidential service where you can meet multi-culturally sensitive counselors who will help you learn how to adapt to your new environment and enjoy your time in the U.S. Click here for a list of counseling center addresses and phone numbers.

Writing Services
At your college's writing or language center, you can meet English instructors and tutors who will help you improve your writing skills and perhaps also provide feedback on writing samples and papers that you have written. The ability to write well can drastically improve your grades and help you do well in your professional life. Therefore, you should take advantage of this service to improve your writing skills as much as possible while at CUNY.

Career Services
For career information and help with job searches, you can visit your college's career development office, where you can have your resume and cover letter reviewed, get advice on interviewing for jobs, and find a list of available jobs or internships.

Child-Care Services
CUNY currently operates 17 licensed campus-based child care programs that provide services to over 1,600 student parents and 2,400 children of CUNY students. Programs are designed to improve the quality of life for student parents and their families. Educational programs created by the centers focus on the children's cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development.

Disability Services
CUNY provides educational support services to assist students with physical, visual, hearing, or learning disabilities. These students' academic and social needs are met through by providing technical classroom assistance, transportation to classes, special extracurricular activities, and CUNY-wide campus access. This ensures that students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to receive a high quality, affordable college education based on their individual scholastic achievement and merit.

Student Activities/Life
All CUNY colleges have student life or student activities office. This office provides students with the opportunity to participate in student government, join student clubs, and engage in variety of events and activities. Participating in student activities will help you become an integral part of the CUNY campus community, and help you build a network of friends. Participating in student government will help you become a more effective, ethical, and influential leaders on the campus.

Most CUNY colleges have a wide variety of student clubs from which to choose. However, if you can't find a club that matches your interests, you can often start your own club by visiting your college's office of student life.

Here are some typical reasons why international students join clubs at their colleges:
  • Clubs allow you to meet American students as well as those from your home country and other countries.
  • Clubs give you the opportunity to learn from other students by sharing academic interests and hobbies with one another.
  • Clubs help you improve your communication, organization, and leadership skills.
  • Clubs allow you to practice and improve your English.
  • Involvement in student clubs looks impressive on your resume and can help you get a good internship while in school or a good job upon graduation.
If you have an interest in writing, broadcasting or other forms of media, check with your student life office to find out how you may become involved with the student-run newspapers, magazines, television stations, and/or radio stations.

CUNY Athletics
Many CUNY colleges have free athletics facilities where students can exercise or play sports. The City University of New York Athletic Conference (CUNYAC) consists of ten institutions in its senior college division and five institutions in its community college division. The CUNY Athletic Conference has come to pursue its present goal - to promote the highest standards of intercollegiate athletic competition at the Division III level. The conference presently recognizes championships through tournament and league play in 11 sports for men and 11 for women (e.g. basketball, soccer, swimming, volleyball, tennis), an increase by nearly 50% since its inception. This past fall, CUNYAC added its first women's soccer championship, to bring it up to 24. Each year more than 2,500 student-athletes participate on the athletic teams of the CUNY institutions.

This information was developed by the City University of New York Athletic Conference and is used with their permission.
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