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Most New Yorkers do the majority of their inner-city travel using the subways.
Flying into the City
There are three airports in the New York metropolitan area: When flying into any of these airports, it is best to have a plan on how you will travel from them to your final destination. There are many options for ground transportation, including taxis, car services, shuttle buses, the subway, and trains. If you choose to travel by car, note that yellow taxis are usually less expensive than other car services. You can check the airports' websites for more information.

Traveling in and around the City
There are four main ways to travel in and around the New York area.
  • Subways – Most New Yorkers do the majority of their inner-city travel on the city’s subway system, which is open 24 hours a day. You will need to purchase a metro card to ride on the subway.
  • Buses – Many bus routes are also available throughout the city. You can travel on buses and subways using the same metro cards.
  • Taxis – Also known as “cabs” in the U.S., taxis are generally the most expensive way to travel in the city. However, many people find them a convenient way to travel at night, when subways and buses run less frequently.
  • Trains – Trains are available for traveling to places outside the city.
You can visit the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) website for information about New York public transportation, including maps of the subway and bus systems.
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Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)
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