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A Message to CUNY Faculty Regarding the Pathways Project

August 4, 2011

Dear CUNY Faculty:

As you know, last month Chancellor Matthew Goldstein appointed a Steering Committee to begin fulfilling the requirements associated with the Pathways to Degree Completion Initiative approved by the Board of Trustees on June 27, 2011. The Steering Committee, which I chair, includes eleven faculty members, two campus-based administrators, and two students.

The Steering Committee held its first meeting on July 27, 2011. At this meeting, Chancellor Matthew Goldstein and Executive Vice Chancellor Alexandra Logue charged the committee, whose primary function is to recommend to the Chancellor by December 1 a 30-credit Common Core with broad curricular areas defined by learning outcomes. Consistent with the Trustees’ June 27 resolution, the Steering Committee will undertake its work with freedom and encouragement to consider multiple options for fulfilling its task.

A copy of the meeting agenda and a summary of proceedings are available within the “Planning Process” section of the redesigned Pathways website ( As the process continues, all materials provided to the Steering Committee will be posted online (subject to copyright restrictions). These materials will be accessible within the site’s “Resources” section.

You are invited to visit the website often for updates and announcements. The Steering Committee anticipates releasing draft recommendations for the learning outcomes for the 30-credit general education Common Core by November 1, at which point we seek input and feedback from the campuses, including via an online form which will be activated on the site to receive your revisions and refinements. Questions and comments can also be submitted at any time to

Thank you for your continued attention to the Pathways project.


Michelle J. Anderson
Dean and Professor of Law, CUNY School of Law