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A Message to the CUNY Faculty Regarding the CUNY Pathways Project

September 6, 2011

Dear CUNY Faculty:

I write to update you on the CUNY Pathways Project, approved by the Board of Trustees on June 27, 2011. I chair the Task Force charged with completing the first phase of that project. The Task Force is made up of a 15-member Steering Committee and a 39-member Working Committee. It includes faculty from every college in CUNY and all liberal arts majors and transfer majors of significant size. Many of these faculty members bring with them years of experience working on general education across the University, including chairing or serving on general education or core curriculum task forces, advisory councils, and standing committees.

The Task Force is charged with recommending to the Chancellor by December 1, 2011, a 30-credit Common Core framework of multidisciplinary areas defined by learning outcomes. We are working to complete a draft of our recommendations by November 1 in order to get your feedback.

On November 1, we will post our draft recommendations on the Pathways website and activate a comment form that allows any individual or group to submit a response. I have also asked the CUNY college presidents to coordinate a campus response in writing by November 15.

The Steering Committee will meet thereafter to analyze all feedback and make revisions to our draft recommendations in time for the December 1 deadline. To follow our work as we proceed, visit the “Planning Process” section of the website, which contains copies of all meeting agendas, powerpoints, and summaries.
I look forward to staying in touch as this crucial work continues.


Michelle J. Anderson
Dean and Professor of Law, CUNY School of Law
Chair, CUNY Pathways Task Force