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A Message from the Chancellor: Progress on Pathways

September 16, 2011

Dear Members of The City University of New York Community:

I am writing to update you on the progress of the CUNY-wide Pathways initiative concerning student transfer at CUNY and to invite nominations for people to engage in the next phase of the work, the part concerning the largest transfer majors.

As you know, both the Pathways Steering and Working Committees have now been established. The members of both committees are listed on the Pathways website. Combined across both committees, there are two to three faculty members from each undergraduate college. CUNY Law School Dean Michelle Anderson chairs both committees. Together these committees will create a 30-credit common core structure by recommending broad disciplinary or interdisciplinary areas based on learning outcomes and assigning credits to those areas. The Steering and Working Committees will recommend the common core structure to me by December 1, as required by the Board of Trustees’ June 27 resolution. Details of their meetings are also given on the Pathways website.

The next phase of this work is to establish, CUNY-wide, the first three to six courses that lead into the largest transfer majors. The resolution specifies that recommendations for these courses are to be made by May 1, 2012, to the Office of Academic Affairs by relevant disciplinary committees. The first majors to be the subject of this work are: Accounting and Related Services; Biology; General Business Administration, Management and Operations; Criminal Justice and Corrections; English Language and Literature; General Finance and Financial Management Services; Nursing; Psychology; General Teacher Education and Professional Development.

I am therefore now seeking nominations, including self-nominations, for people whom I will appoint to serve on these committees. Faculty members of these committees should be tenured, highly knowledgeable about curriculum in the area of the committee for which they are nominated, and highly regarded within their discipline and communities. For each major committee I will be particularly seeking faculty members from each college that either sends or receives significant numbers of students in that major. Nominations have already been invited from the college presidents, the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate, and the Discipline Council leaders. I am very grateful to the Graduate Center’s President Bill Kelly, who will be chairing this phase of the Pathways initiative.

Please send all nominations by September 26 to Please be sure to attach the nominee’s curriculum vitae and to specify for which major the person is nominated.

Thank you for your assistance and recommendations.

Best regards,
Matthew Goldstein