Academic News

Common Core Guidelines Distributed

January 30, 2012

Dear Members of the CUNY Community,

As the University proceeds with implementation of the Common Core and College Option general education courses, various questions are being raised about specific aspects of the implementation. To address these questions, the central Office of Academic Affairs has developed the attached set of guidelines, which will be expanded as we move further into the implementation process.

These guidelines, which will also be posted shortly on the Pathways website (, fall into six general areas:

* Number and type of courses to be submitted for each area
* Student course selection
* Four- and three-credit math and science courses
* Waivers from Common Core requirements
* Course submission process
* College Option credits

We hope that you find these guidelines to be helpful. Please address any questions that you have to your campus Pathways liaison (for a list of the liaisons please see, or to Senior University Dean Bob Ptachik with regard to administrative matters, or to Associate University Provost Julia Wrigley with regard to academic matters.

Thank you for your continued efforts concerning Pathways implementation.


Alexandra W. Logue
Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost