Academic News

Update from the Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost

January 28, 2013

Dear Presidents, Chief Academic Officers, Chief Administrative Officers, and Chief Student Affairs Officers,

Attached for your information are current data concerning the courses that each campus has submitted for the Pathways Common Core. As you can see, out of 19 X 8 = 152 total cells, there is literally less than a handful of empty cells. Further, I can assure you that the campuses with those empty cells are hard at work to ensure that they will have sufficient Common Core courses for their students this coming fall. I can also assure you that the Common Core Course Review Committee, led by some very dedicated faculty, is also hard at work completing their reviews of all of the submitted courses.

In addition to the courses on the attached chart, your campuses have submitted to us over 400 STEM-variant courses that will also be available to students this fall to satisfy Common Core requirements. In sum, you have submitted to us close to 2,000 total courses for Pathways.

Further, almost all of the colleges have submitted for Board of Trustees approval the information about the colleges’ Pathways requirements via the January Chancellor’s University Report, and the few remaining colleges will submit this information via the February Chancellor’s University Report. Scribing of the requirements and courses in Degree Works is in progress, websites with critical Pathways information are being developed, and advisors are being trained. In other words, contrary to some incorrect statements that are being made, we are on track and prepared to implement Pathways in September 2013, beginning with registration this spring.

The enormous progress that we have made is due to the extremely hard work of literally many hundreds of people, especially faculty. Given this fact, tonight at the Board meeting there will be a resolution of appreciation for the magnificent contributions of so very many faculty to this effort.

We are not done yet, but we are getting very close, and it is thanks not only to the work of the faculty but also the work and especially the leadership of each of you. Thank you so very much. Together we will see this project through its final stages.


Alexandra W. Logue
Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost
The City University of New York