Chancellor James B. Milliken

Chancellor James B. Milliken

Appointed to start on June 1, 2014, James B. Milliken serves as Chancellor of The City University of New York. ยป

“The Lew Rudin Way”

May 15, 2006 | News from the Chancellor

I am writing to make you aware of a recent documentary film, “The Lew Rudin Way,” about the life and legacy of one of New York City’s most distinguished philanthropists and civic leaders.

With his brother Jack, Lew Rudin, who died in 2001, headed the Rudin Management Company, which is responsible for many of the major buildings in New York City. Lew was also the co-founder and driving force of the Association for a Better New York (ABNY), and he was a passionate promoter of the city. Known as “Mr. New York,” Lew was instrumental in helping the city survive its fiscal crisis of the early 1970s, and his philanthropy and support extended to all parts of the city, from the New York City Marathon to the U.S. Tennis Open to Carnegie Hall.

Lew was the founding chair of CUNY’s Business Leadership Council, and he and the entire Rudin family have given generously over many years to the University and its colleges, funding scholarships, internships, faculty scholars, and the CUNY Honors College. On a personal note, I knew Lew as a warm-hearted person whose commanding voice was often graced by his sense of humor and his love of people and the city.

The film, whose title references not only the man but also the actual Lew Rudin Way on Park Avenue and 52nd Street, is an invaluable resource that should be of interest to students and faculty in urban studies, government and public policy, public administration, and many other fields. Narrated by Sidney Poitier, it includes memories and observations from several of the political, civic, and corporate leaders who worked with Lew to improve the city and realize his dream of making New York City the world’s business, cultural, and financial headquarters.

Please view the film, which we have made available as a streaming video.

I hope you find it a useful and fascinating tool for better understanding the city, as viewed through the life and work of a remarkable man.



Matthew Goldstein
The City University of New York