Health Benefit Plans: Nov. 4 – Nov. 30

October 2009

The 2009 Open Enrollment/Transfer Period for the Health Benefit Plans is November 4 through November 30. During this period, you can:

  • transfer to another health plan
  • add/drop an optional rider
  • add/drop dependents
  • elect to waive your health coverage
  • change your health premium tax status.

    All forms must be submitted by Monday, November 30, 2009.

    All changes made during this period will become effective January 14, 2010.

    Now is the time to review your health care and prescription drug needs. Click the following link to review the NYC Summary Program Description booklet containing health plan summaries. For more specific information, contact the health plans directly or visit their websites.

    NYC Summary Program Description

    Change in Health Plans
    You may transfer from your current health plan to another health plan for which you are eligible. To change your health plan, you must complete a Health Benefits Application form. Review the Summary Program Description for plan details and rate comparison charts before making any changes.

    Health Benefits Application

    Basic Health Plan Rates and Optional Rider Costs as of September 2009

    Optional Riders
    Most of the health plans have an Optional Rider that offer benefits that are not available as part of the basic plan. You may add or drop the Optional Rider coverage. If your union or welfare fund provides benefits similar to the ones listed in the Optional Rider for your health plan, those specific benefits will only be provided by your welfare fund and will not be available through your health plan’s rider. Some exceptions may apply.

    Changes in Family Status – Adding or Dropping Dependents

    The Open Enrollment Period is the only time you can make changes in your dependent status without a qualifying event, as described in the NYC Summary Program Description. Appropriate documentation and a completed Health Benefits Application are required to add or drop dependents.

    The Central Office Benefits Team is available to assist you with your questions and concerns. Here is their contact information:

  • Sujata Malhotra, Benefits & HR Manager: or 212-974-5358
  • Jing Wu, Benefits Assistant: or 212-794-5360