Upcoming COHR Training Workshops

December 2009

As part of our professional development program, we will offer training opportunities to our Central Office staff, in collaboration with the Professional Development and Learning Management Office and DCAS Citywide Training Center.  These workshps are designed to enhance your knowledge, skill, abilities and competencies.  In general, the workshops will focus on the areas of writing and communication, and general professional and supervisory development.  Some workshops will be targeted to administrative and support staff, while others will be targeted to managers and supervisors.  You should discuss your individual training needs with your immediate manager.  Information on specific workshops, dates, times and locations will be sent shortly.

In January, we will offer a workshop entitled Conducting Effective Performance Appraisal Conferences facilitated by Ms. Nancy Eagan of DCAS and the founder and President of People Potential.  This workshop is for university managers to provide training on conducting evaluation conferences and writing evaluations.  It will be beneficial to any manager responsible for evaluating HEO Series, Classified and/or Classified Managerial staff members. An announcement with workshop details will be sent shortly.