Young Adult Health Insurance Coverage

January 2010

New York State recently passed a law that allows eligible young adults to continue or obtain coverage through a parent’s group health insurance policy through age 29. If your dependent has already aged out of your plan or will age out before the plan’s renewal date, you or the dependent have 12 months to re-enroll the eligible dependent. The 12 month period for CUNY starts on our renewal date, which is July 2010.

Eligibility: The young adult does not need to live with a parent, be financially dependent on a parent, or be a student. However, at all times the dependent coverage is in force, he or she must:

  • Be unmarried;
  • Be 29 years of age or younger;
  • Not be insured by or eligible for health benefits through his/her own employer;
  • Live, work or reside in New York or our service area; and
  • Not be covered by Medicare.

Please note that the dependent will not be included under your coverage, but will receive his or her own coverage. If you lose eligibility under the group health plan, your dependent will also lose eligibility for his or her coverage.

Click here to go to the New York State Department of Insurance web site for more information about this new law.  You can also call their Consumer Services Bureau at 1-212-480-6400 or 1-800-342-3736.

We will provide you with more details and enrollment forms when  available.