Updated Campus & Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

October 2011

The City University of New York has a long-standing commitment to promoting a safe and secure academic and work environment that promotes the achievement of its mission of teaching, research, scholarship and service. 

On September 26, 2011, the University’s Board of Trustees adopted an updated Campus and Workplace Violence Prevention Policy.  The updated policy reinforces the University’s commitment to preventing workplace violence and ensuring a safe and secure work environment.  Workplace Violence presents a serious occupational safety hazard to CUNY and its employees. The University will respond promptly to threats and/or acts of violence. All employees are responsible for helping to create an environment of mutual respect and for assisting in maintaining a safe and secure work environment and will participate in the annual Workplace Violence Prevention Training Program. 

Incidents involving Workplace Violence will be given the serious attention they deserve. Employees are responsible for reporting any incidents of Workplace Violence of which they become aware. The procedure for reporting incidents of suspected or alleged Workplace Violence can be found in the campus specific Workplace Violence Prevention Programs.

Click here to view the complete September 2011 updated Campus & Workplace Violence Prevention Policy and its procedures.