IT Security Procedures and Policy

September 2012

IT Security plays an important role in protecting the privacy of personal information and data belonging to CUNY faculty, students and staff.  We must all ensure that the academic and administrative systems continue to be available for University business, to maintain accurate University data, and prevent unauthorized changes to system information.  It is critical that all members of the CUNY community to learn the importance of IT Security.  The University and its employees are required by law to protect the privacy of personal data belonging to our faculty, students and staff.  Please review the information below regarding IT Security and the important role it plays at CUNY.

Please  acknowledge the receipt of the Policy on Acceptable Use of Computer Resources and IT Security Procedures and send the signed copy via inter-office mail to Central Office Human Resources for your personnel file. Employees should also familiarize themselves with the Policy on Acceptable Use of Computer Resources

Remember that you are responsible for actions taken with your computer.  Be careful when accessing e-mails or using the Internet.  Never disclose personal information to someone you don’t know.  Protect your user ID and password and make sure to never share them.