Hurricane Sandy Emergency Relief Annual Leave Bank Program

November 2012

Hurricane Sandy had a catastrophic impact upon many employees of The City University of New York.  There may be employees who need to take annual leave in order to attend to emergent conditions, but who may not have sufficient annual leave to do so.  The University has created a temporary program, limited to dealing with the effects of Hurricane Sandy, known as the “The City University of New York Hurricane Sandy Emergency Relief Annual Leave Bank Program” (the “Bank”).  Under this program, each college creates a pool of annual leave, voluntarily donated by individuals at the campus, who are employed full-time on an annual salary basis for use as annual leave by eligible full-time or part-time/hourly employees.  Eligible recipients may receive up to five days (5) days of paid annual leave from the bank for use during the period from November 1, 2012 through February 28, 2013. The Bank will be administered by Central Office of Human Resources.  Click the link below for a description of the Program and forms to donate or receive annual leave.

Feel free to contact Arlena Yuen at 212-794-5501 if you have any questions.