Training Workshops

May 2013

As part of our annual professional development program, Central Office Human Resources offers targeted training opportunities to our staff members, in collaboration with the Professional Development and Learning Management Office and the NYC Citywide Training Center. These workshops are designed to enhance your interpersonal skills and professional competencies. In May and June 2013, and we are offering two training workshops, Managerial Power Tools: Motivating, Delegating and Teambuilding and Cultural Appreciation of Colleagues and Customers.

Managerial Power Tools focuses on enabling managers and supervisors to get things done through others, particularly how do you get people to want to do what they are supposed to do, do it well, and in collaboration with others.  Participants will explore why delegating is the hardest managerial skill set to master, and will practice the skills of motivating, delegating and teambuilding via interactive exercises.

Cultural Appreciation focuses on using cultural awareness and sensitivity as an integral part of creating positive work relationships and delivering excellent customer service.  Participants will discuss and perform activities which increase their self-awareness about personal values, motives, and beliefs and enhance their understanding of how these factors influence their interactions with others.

Click the following link to obtain the dates, locations and enrollment instructions for the Upcoming Training Workshops from Central Office HR. Contact Katherine Isaacs at 646-664-3268 or with any questions.