New Employee Resource Center

July 2013

OHRM and COHR are pleased to announce the launch of the New Employee Resource Center – an online on-boarding and information center for employees! The New Employee Resource Center is designed in such a way that both new and existing employees have the ability to complete new or update current paperwork, as well as research benefits, policies, locations, the CUNY e-Mall, and other topics that may be of interest.   This greatly anticipated Resource Center will streamline the onboarding process of all new hires, allow faster integration onto the payroll system and better prepare them for the in-person onboarding/benefits session on their first day of work.  With a focus on being user-friendly, prospective employees now have a one-stop shop to complete paperwork and gather important information ahead of time – no more ruffling through dozens of policies and stacks of paper during their orientation!

Feel free to visit the New Employee Resource Center, now live on at the link below:

Be on the lookout for more announcements and feedback on how the center is working.