Professional Summer Attire Expectations

May 2014

During the hot summer months, we are all trying to manage being cool, comfortable, and fashionable while still maintaining a professional image. Despite the warm weather, your work attire, personal appearance and grooming must be neat and professional at all times. Without an official University dress code policy, this is an effort to share some broad professional guiding principles. For example, avoid wearing clothing to work that is excessively worn, frayed, torn, wrinkled, ill-fitting, revealing or distracting. A good rule of thumb is to choose another outfit to wear if you are unsure it is office-friendly or work acceptable. Accentuate your personality and use your best judgment to project a positive, thoughtful and confident professional image during the summer and all year.

Dressing office appropriate is a big factor in the way you are received by others within and outside CUNY. Most offices and departments have some unique operating needs where work attire must be dressier than areas that can be informal versus ones that require uniforms. The University’s leaders can set suitable dress expectations for the staff working in areas under their purview, and can counsel those whose appearance is inappropriate. Discuss any questions you may have about appropriate professional attire with your immediate manager or supervisor. When in doubt, make conservative clothing choices. Look professional and come to work dressed for success every day.