Policy Reminders

CUNY Policy on Sexual Misconduct

February 2018

Every member of the CUNY community including students, employees, and visitors deserve the opportunity to live, learn and work free from sexual harassment, gender based harassment and sexual violence. CUNY is committed to promptly responding to and investigating all allegations of sexual misconduct and pursuing disciplinary action when appropriate.

Domestic Violence and the Workplace

October 2016

Domestic violence has an effect on thousands of New Yorkers’ lives daily, yielding challenges in both personal and professional capacities. In the workplace, domestic violence often compromises the safety of both the victim and his or her co-workers.

IT Security Policy and Revamped Training

May 2016

IT Security plays an important role in protecting the privacy of personal information and data belonging to CUNY faculty, students and staff. We must all ensure that the academic and administrative systems continue to be available for University business, to maintain accurate University data, and prevent unauthorized changes to system information.

Leave for Breast and Prostate Cancer Screening and for Blood Donation

March 2016

Under New York State Law, employees are entitled to take leave time for breast or prostate cancer screenings and blood donations provided the screening or donation is performed during work hours.

CUNY Policy on Accepting Gifts

December 2015

If a person of company that has dealings with CUNY offers you a gift or invitation to a party during the holiday season, please remember the gift regulations. As a CUNY employee you may not solicit or accept gifts of any value, either directly or indirectly, from any interested source, regardless of whether the gift was intended to influence or reward you.

CUNY Policy Makers – New Regulations for Outside Activity

September 2015

An Outside Activity is any outside employment, either public or private, engaged in on an ongoing basis, unrelated to

Professional Summer Attire Expectations

July 2015

During the hot summer months, we are all trying to manage being cool, comfortable, and fashionable while still maintaining a professional image. Despite the warm weather, your work attire, personal appearance and grooming must be neat and professional at all times.

Title IX

July 2015

CUNY is committed to preventing and addressing sexual harassment and sexual violence throughout the CUNY community. People at every level of CUNY and at every CUNY campus are working together to find effective ways to help students who have experienced sexual harassment, including sexual violence, and to foster a culture that does not tolerate unwelcome sexual behavior.

Policy on Reporting of Alleged Misconduct

January 2015

Persons with knowledge of conduct or conditions that pose an imminent threat to the health or safety of any member of the CUNY community or the public should immediately call 911 or Public Safety.

Nepotism: CUNY’s Policy Regarding the Hiring, Employment, and Supervision of Family Members

October 2014

The University seeks to foster a work environment conducive to satisfying family life for all members of the University community. The policy stipulates that no Covered Individual shall take part in any decision to hire, promote, discipline, or discharge any of his or her Family Members with respect to any position at the University.

Family and Medical Leave (FML)

August 2014

FML may be taken for different reasons, such as an employee’s own serious health condition, the birth of a child or to care for a seriously ill immediate family member*. In order to be eligible for FML, an employee must be employed by CUNY for at least 12 months – and have worked at least 1,250 hours – prior to the beginning the leave.

I.T. Security Procedures and Policy

May 2014

It is critical that all members of the CUNY community learn the importance of IT Security.