The Monday Brief - May 24, 2016

Protecting a Living Fossil

In this segment of CUNY TV Science & U! Martin Schreibman, Distinguished Professor of biology at Brooklyn College explains why the Atlantic horse shoe crab--a 360 million year-old living fossil-is in need of preservation. "By studying their population dynamic- where they are going and how we can protect them-we can maintain a healthy colony," said Schreibman, who points out that the numbers have diminished by 25% due to over harvesting in the last century. "We have adequate conservation polices in place now but they need to be adhered."   More »

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Festival of Women Making Films
May 24 | LaGuardia Community College

Festival of Women Making Films will screen the U.S. premier of six films shot by Indian women, accompanied by an introduction by the director.   More »

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Brooklyn Electroacoustic Ensemble
May 25 | Brooklyn College

Brooklyn Electroacoustic Ensemble with Douglas Cohen, director, features classic and new electroacoustic works. More »

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Repast Baroque Ensemble
May 25 | Baruch College

Repast Baroque Ensemble presents a new arrangement of J.S. Bach's The Goldberg Variations. More »

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