The Monday Brief - July 26, 2016

Preserving the Past

In this segment of CUNY TV Study with the Best, Slava Polishchuck, conservator of the Brooklyn College Archives Conservation Lab, explains how a course he teaches on book and paper conservation methods and techniques offers students a specialized hands-on experience. "An archival program for undergraduates, especially at this level, is unique-it's the only one at CUNY system and nationally. "       that and adds that it's the only at CUNY . ", pointing out that conservation lab it not only the only onl at CUNY but nationally ab is the only adding that , . : who shares his knowledge of  about his hands-on specialized course, which he the only one offered at CUNY,as well as nationally. "Passing my skills to students is the most rewarding and wonderful part of my job."     e  system and  at CUNY and   analyzing and applying different conservation methods and techniques, which he teaches. "nuw By offering th in the undergraduate iis ’s only Conservation Laborato  located in the library ’s Archives and Special Collections where artifacts, memorabilia , manuscripts, and  printed matter ranging from 17th-century handwritten journals and folio -size tomes to fragile paper backs Restores binds and covers of books--some that are 400 hundred years old. to resemble the original form . G enerall, such a concentration is available only to graduate students seekinglibrary master’s degrees or certificates in archival management, ” Brooklyn College is th first at CUNY and only one nationally to offer this specialized course  pf study to undergraites. Through a hands-on experience in the college?s book and paper conservation laboratory, students will learn to analyze the condition of paper artifacts, investigate varied treatments and re-housing options, apply different conservation methods and techniques, and understand the critical role of conservation and preservation in libraries and archives. Does not count towards the History major or the History minor More »

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Brazil Summerfest

Can't make it to the Rio Olympics? Celebrate the sounds of Brazil with Brail Summerfest, featuring five days of samba, Afro-Brazilian rhythms and more, at various locations around the city, highlights include a free performance of Boogarins and Monobloco in Central Park. More »

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Volunteer for City Harvest

City Harvest is in need of volunteers to help distribute free fresh produce to eligible market goers at their five Healthy Neighborhood locations around the city.  Help ensue that good food does not go to waste in the city. More »

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