New Student Leadership in Place for 2014

October 22, 2013 | Uncategorized

New York City starts 2014 with a new mayor and CUNY Prep also has newly elected student leadership this year.

Students cast their vote for school president in late November, electing Sebastian Trinidad as president and Parris Tyrell as vice president.  The student representatives will have regular sit-downs with the administration, expressing the ideas of their fellow students.  They will also have more day-to-day leadership roles throughout the school

“The elections are always a wonderful opportunity for students to learn first-hand about democracy and the election process,” says Humanities teacher Jenna Martinez.  “All of our candidates were very enthusiastic and brought a lot of fresh ideas to the table.”

The election tied in with a Humanities curriculum surrounding civics and government.  Students learned the ins and outs of political campaigns by participating in the process themselves. Candidates competed in a primary election and were responsible for developing their own platform and media campaigns.