CUNY Energy Institute and Wisconsin University Energy Insitute Offer Short Course in Thermal Hydraulics of Nuclear Systems

August 10, 2011 | News

The CUNY Energy Institute and Wisconsin University Energy Institute are pleased to host a short course this fall in thermal-hydraulics of nuclear systems headlined by distinguished lecturers from academia, government, and industry. Included in the list of lecturers are Drs. Sanjoy Banerjee, Michael Corradini, Geoffrey Hewitt, George Yadigaroglu, Steve Bajorek, Sama Bilbao, Christopher Boyd, Thomas Downar, and Ghani Zigh. The conference will take place at the Marriott Residence Inn, Bethesda from October 24-28, 2011.

The course will feature single and multi-phase flows and heat transfer with phase change that are of interest to researchers and
engineers working in all aspects of the nuclear industry. This course offered is related to similar courses that have been offered in the past at Stanford University, the University of California-Santa Barbara and the ETH-Zurich but with greater emphasis on the thermal-hydraulic aspects of nuclear systems. The area continues to be of interest to generations of engineers with the ETH course having been offered continuously since 1984 with over 1500 participants. The course being offered in
Washington DC continues this tradition and affords not only the opportunity to meet outstanding lecturers, but also colleagues working nationwide on similar topics.

The course is organized in a modular form with an intensive introductory part for participants having basic knowledge of fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and numerical techniques, but also with a second more specialized part that discusses the latest information and applications. A tutorial text is emailed to the participants before the course to introduce the very basic concepts to fill any gaps in background and help participation in the courses in the most productive ways.

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