Metacapacitors in MIT Technology Review

March 15, 2013 | News

In today’s electrified economy, power conversion—converting electricity between different levels of voltage and current— is the vital link between sources of electric power and the loads they serve. The market for electric power converters is large and growing, with the LED power supply market alone projected to reach $10Bn by 2016. The Metacapacitors team is developing next-generation technology for LED power supplies and DC-DC converters using switched-capacitor circuits paired with a new class of high-frequency power handling capacitors. In a Metacapacitors DC- DC converter, control and power switching are combined in a single integrated circuit, while energy storage is provided by an inexpensive network of printed capacitors developed using proprietary technology. Our power converters will be smaller, cheaper, more efficient, and longer-lasting than existing inductor-based converters.

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