CUNY's EH&S Takes on Risk Management

August 14, 2007 | Risk Management

Excerpt from correspondence of Alan Dobrin, Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer at CUNY

The Chancellor has established a dedicated CUNY risk management function by expanding the role of CUNY’s Office of Environmental Health and Safety and creating, effective July 1, 2007, the Office of Environmental, Health, Safety and Risk Management. Howard Apsan, University Director of Environmental, Health, Safety and Risk Management, has been asked to organize a Risk Management Council, which will include a designee from each campus, to share ongoing and proposed risk management activities and serve as a key contact for risk management communication.

Risk Management includes policies and practices designed to prevent or minimize the adverse effects of incidents that impact the campus or its related entities. These incidents may arise from the “action or inaction” of CUNY or its officers or employees, and may result in personal injury, property damage, financial loss, reputation impairment, regulatory non-compliance or criminal liability. It is incumbent, therefore, on CUNY and on each of its campuses to manage programs and activities in a manner that controls or mitigates risk. And although there are many ongoing risk management activities being performed within specific functional units in the University (e.g., environmental audits, financial audits, personnel procedures, litigation support, emergency preparedness, research oversight, business continuity planning, and lab safety training), the CUNY Risk Management Council will help integrate the function throughout the CUNY system.