Inaugural Risk Management Council Meeting Held at Central Office

September 27, 2007 | Risk Management

The inaugural meeting of the Risk Management Council took place on September 25, 2007 at 535 East 80th Street, Central Office. As Executive Vice Chancellor Dobrin reminded The Council, risk management consists of assessing hazards that CUNY faces, and developing tools designed to prevent their occurrence or reduce their adverse effects on our campuses. Acknowledging and understanding risk enables CUNY to prepare for the unexpected, and provides a foundation for dealing with emergencies in a planned and organized fashion.

The training portion of the Risk Management Council Meeting consisted of a presentation entitled “CUNY-Risk Management Council: Discussion Guide” delivered by Regina Spratt, Managing Director and Zone Growth Leader, and Kevin Hogan, both with The Marsh Risk Consulting Practice. Marsh works with colleges and universities on risk management and Regina and Kevin provided insight from those experiences, particularly on risk identification, risk mapping, and assessment of management effectiveness. We thank them for their informative presentation.