Representatives of American Red Cross in Greater New York give presentation at March NYCER meeting

March 28, 2008 | NYCER

Robert Wilson, David Dunn, and Jeanine Pekkarinen, of American Red Cross in Greater New York gave an informative presentation about Emergency Preparedness and Response at the March 25 NYCER meeting, hosted by St. John’s University. The presentation outlined a basic formula to help families and communities prepare for an emergency.

To be prepared in an emergency, families should 1) Get a Kit, 2) Make a plan, and 3) Be informed. Kits should include copies of important documents as well as basic survival items. These “Go-Bags” should be placed near the front door to reduce confusion during an emergency. In addition, families should have enough supplies on hand to survive for three days without leaving the house. These supplies should be checked and updated every six months. A plan should designate meeting places near the house and outside the neighborhood, and a contact person who lives far away, in case local phone lines become jammed. To be informed, families should know potential hazards and the appropriate actions to minimize their exposure to those hazards.

The meeting concluded with a discussion of volunteer opportunities offered by the Red Cross, including Ready When the Time Comes, a free, on-site training program for teams that can be deployed during an emergency. The next NYCER meeting will be held on May 27, 2008. NYCER meetings are held bi-monthly at various locations in New York City. All who are interested in attending should contact Sheryce Woolery at sheryce.woolery@mail.cuny.edu for more information.