CUNY A!ert is Put Into Action at QCC

September 26, 2008 | Risk Management

The September Risk Management Council Meeting included a presentation by Vice President Diane Call from Queensborough Community College regarding lessons learned from a power outage in August at QCC. A storm damaged several key transformers, causing power to be lost in the Administration, Library, Science and Humanities Buildings. The QCC administration notified students, faculty and staff of the emergency via CUNY A!ert that the campus would be closed for a day. The CUNY A!ert provided an update on the emergency and kept everyone from making an unnecessary trip. Vice President Call’s presentation focused on lessons learned from the incident, including the importance of having sufficient staff members trained to execute CUNY A!ert; the need to maintain/distribute current emergency contact lists for key campus personnel; the need to conduct frequent campus tests; and the importance of informing recipients of the A!ert source (the caller ID begins with a 518 area code which might confuse recipients). Vice President Call’s presentation may be accessed on the Risk Management Sharepoint website, https://ehsrm.cuny.edu/riskmanagement/default.aspx.