Presentation on assessing and minimizing risks in CUNY’s Athletic Program

January 5, 2009 | Risk Management

The December 17, 2008 meeting of the Risk Management Council featured a presentation by Zak Ivkovic, Executive Director of the CUNY Athletic Conference, and Dr. Osric King of the Hospital for Special Surgery, on how to assess and minimize risks in CUNY’s athletic program. The biggest risks that Mr. Ivkovic noted were that six CUNY colleges are currently without athletic trainers and that there are no full-time coaching lines. Dr. King noted that insurance costs are escalating and that the randomness of injury makes it difficult to predict future injuries. Dr. King suggested the following: that colleges make arrangements with hospitals to designate doctors, fellows, and/or residents to cater to student injuries and conduct follow-up with the patients; a university-wide insurance plan should be established to help lower rates; establish college liaisons for students undergoing treatments; and student-athletes should send their college a copy of their medical bill.

To access the presentation, visit CUNY AC Risk Management Presentation 12-17-08. For more information on the rest of the meeting, visit RMC Meeting Minutes 12-17-08.