Deputy Commissioner for High Education Joseph Frey speaks to Business Continuity Committee

January 26, 2010 | Business Continuity Committee

The meeting featured a presentation by Joseph Frey, Deputy Commissioner for Higher Education, titled “Statewide Provisions for Regulatory Relief in Times of Temporary Closures of Higher Education Institutions.” The presentation focused on the development of protocols that would permit flexibility during a sustained disruption without impacting the integrity of the academic degree. Commissioner Frey addressed a number of critical issues, including TAP allotments, which are driven by credit hours; collective bargaining for labor unions, including consideration for accommodating adjunct faculty; and plans for temporary closures for periods ranging from three days to two weeks. Richard Metz, Vice President for Finance and Administration at City College, emphasized the importance of communicating with the State Education Department (SED) to identify ground-rules in advance of an emergency. Commissioner Frey encouraged question and discussion, and provided some insight to the current thinking within the SED. We thank him for an informative and thought provoking presentation.