NYC DOHMH Briefs EHSO Council on Bed Bugs

November 3, 2010 | EHSO Council, Risk Management

Sharon Heath of the NYC Department of Mental Health and Hygiene briefed the EHSO Council on bed bug control practices  at the Council’s October meeting.  Although bed bugs do not pose any health risk, quick and decisive action is required to minimize the bed bug’s notoriously bad stigma. 

According to Ms. Heath, proper preparedness for bed bug cases requires a dynamic toolkit, including Bed Bug Response Procedures, adequate training of facilities staff, and a Bed Bug Control Log to track past sightings and mitigation strategies.  Students must also be informed of their control responsibilities to maximize the effectiveness of the campus’s bed bug action plan.  

Access to informational materials on bed bug, such as the complete National Center for Healthy Housing’s analysis on best practices for bed bug control may be found here.