CUNY Teacher Education Students Improve Pass Rate On Certification Exam State Education Department Reports

City University of New York teacher education students scored seven percent higher overall in the 1998 New York State Teacher Certification Examinations than they did last year, according to a State Education Department report.

All of the colleges improved their pass rates. Five of nine colleges offering teacher education achieved a pass rate that exceeds the state-wide average of 76 on the Liberal Arts and Science Test. They include Queens College, 87; Hunter College and the College of Staten Island, 83; Baruch College, 80; and Brooklyn College, 78. Four of nine colleges achieved a pass rate equal to or above the state-wide average of 83 on the Assessment of Teaching Skills Tests. They were Baruch College, 94; Queens College, 93; Hunter College 91; and the College of Staten Island, 83.

“We are very pleased to see that intensive efforts to improve the success rate of our teacher education students are beginning to show results. The colleges are working to continue that progress and further strengthen teacher preparation,” said Interim Chancellor Christoph M. Kimmich.

College affiliation is self-reported by students taking the exam at the time of registration. Past experience has shown that actual college performance is higher than that indicated by State Education Department reports, as they include results of test-takers who are not matriculated students and/or graduates of the college they have identified.