Statement by The City University of New York on Comptroller’s Office Analysis of CUNY Workfare Students

The City University of New York is committed to working closely with the Human Resources Administration to enable CUNY students who receive public assistance to continue their studies while fulfilling their workfare obligations.

CUNY recently cooperated with the Office of the City Comptroller in providing information that was reviewed in the “Analysis of CUNY Workfare Students.” We agree with the recommendation that “HRA should finalize its agreement with CUNY regarding on-campus worksites as soon as possible” and HRA First Deputy Commissioner Mark Hoover’s statement in the Comptroller’s report in support of the recommendation.

We note that the analysis of student workfare participants and non-participants (students who receive public assistance but who were not assigned to workfare), and the comparison of academic outcomes, were done over a short period of time (fall 1996 to spring 1997) with a relatively small sample. This should be considered in any conclusions about the significance of the results.