CUNY Trustees Approve Five Year Budget Plan

The Board of Trustees of the City University of New York on October 26approved a five-year budget request to State and City officials commencing with the 1999-2000 Operating Budget emphasizing greater long- term planning to improve standards, opportunity, service and accountability.

In the 1999-2000 budget, the first year of the proposed five-year funding plan, Interim Chancellor Christoph M. Kimmich recommended a $1.4 billion operating budget for the nation’s largest public urban university system. The budget would represent an 8.4% increase over CUNY’s current appropriation, for the senior and community colleges and University professional schools. The proposal calls for the first year increase to be followed by a 5% annual increment above fixed costs(collective bargaining agreements, inflation) over each of the next four years.

Last year, Governor George Pataki and the State Legislature adopted a similar, five-year capital budget plan for CUNY and SUNY to facilitate long term planning.

The five-year operating budget request was recommended by the Board’s Committee on Fiscal Affairs following discussions at joint meetings of the Board’s Academic and Fiscal Committees.

In a statement of support for the proposal, Dr. Anne Paolucci, Chairwoman of the CUNY Board of Trustees said:

“The 1999-2000 budget request reflects, for the first time, recommendations made by the Board of trustees in a series of special committee meetings set up for that purpose earlier this year. The Board’s new role in Budget preparation was encouraged and supported by the Chancellor and his staff, the Presidents, CUNY faculty and students-a cooperative venture that resulted in a five year (rather than one year) budget plan and a new approach to CUNY’s investment in New York City and New York State. With this restructured blueprint, we renew even more emphatically the University’s commitment to prepare an educated and skilled citizenry that is economically productive …” and bring CUNY into “…the 21st century with the kind of national and international prominence it deserves, as the most diverse, most accessible, most important urban University complex in the world.”

Interim Chancellor Christoph M. Kimmich said:

“We place the current annual budget request in the context of a five-year pursuit of our goal of enhancing current-and developing new structures, mechanisms and programs.” Dr. Kimmich added that the University’s goals as outlined in the budget fall into four areas:


To produce an educated and productive citizenry and job force for NewYork City and State through the promotion of student learning, understanding and creativity at the highest levels.


To provide access to excellence, opportunities for advancement, and a broad range of programmatic options, both traditional and innovative, at every level of post-secondary education.


To stimulate City and State economic activity by generating jobs, helping to create new business, producing research breakthroughs that spur new industries, and assisting organizations and individuals to respond to their changing environments.


The multi-year planning process will propose appropriate measures to ensure compliance with college and University goals and objectives. The university will continue to develop and implement, as we have for the past two years, the use of such performance measures as: administrative productivity; graduation and retention rates; commitment to full-time faculty; student satisfaction and sponsored research.

“CUNY recognizes its two-fold responsibility to New York-to provide both access and excellence. The University is committed to offering its many services to the broadest possible spectrum of New York residents.” Kimmich added that the proposed long term funding could sustain many long needed improvements including:

  • 350 new full time faculty
  • 225 instructional staff
  • 130 service positions
  • Critical upgrades and maintenance of computers and related technology.
  • Library materials and expanded hours of operation.
  • Doctoral student support and additional needs of the Graduate School.

In summing up the University’s support for the plan, Dr. Paolucci concluded: “New York City is the greatest “corporation” in the world. Our five-year budget plan will encourage a more aggressive effort to promote long range economic development and, in so doing, redefine and refine our strategic planning for the future.”