CUNY Sponsors Voter Registration Program on 19 Campuses Throughout New York City

“CUNY Voters Count” is the theme of The City University of New York’s system-wide non-partisan voter registration program, now in its final week. October 8 is the deadline for new voters to register with the New York City Board of Elections in order to vote in the November 2 general election.

One of the largest and oldest college voter registration efforts in the country, CUNY colleges have distributed 160,000 voter registration forms in English, Spanish and Chinese this year. Brochures explaining how to register to vote, and who is eligible, along with pens and colorful posters emphasizing the theme, were also distributed. Students who have already registered are being urged to take the materials home to friends and family. For the first time, the University is also able to distribute absentee ballot applications. They can be requested from campus coordinators until October 26.

“Voter participation and civic involvement are vital to a strong democracy,” said Chancellor Matthew Goldstein.

Each city agency is required to have a voter registration drive. Last year, CUNY accounted for the majority of all new registrants from city agency voter registration efforts.

Voter registration activities include:

  • All CUNY student applicants received a voter registration form as part of CUNY’s Freshman Admissions Guide.
  • The form is also available online through CUNY’s Web home page.
  • The Office of University Relations and the University Student Senate provided 45 CUNY student newspapers with camera-ready copies of the voter registration form and a letter encouraging them to publish it to remind students to register and vote.
  • Voter Registration Coordinators have been designated at each campus to work with faculty and students to make sure that all students receive voter registration forms.
  • Students With Disabilities Offices on every campus are providing assistance to students who are physically unable to fill out the forms themselves.
  • Voter registration tables have been set up outside of bookstores and other campus locations at each college.

For further information or sample materials, please write to CUNY Voter Registration Coordinator John Kotowski, The City University of New York, 535 East 80th Street, New York, N.Y. 10021 or call 212-794-5324.