CUNY Prepares to Stay Open in Event of Transit Strike Colleges Asked to Plan Essential Staffing

The City University of New York will remain open and operational in the event of a transit strike or serious disruption of the public transit system, Chancellor Matthew Goldstein announced.

Since most of CUNY’s colleges and graduate and professional schools are administering final exams during this period, Interim Deputy Chancellor Patricia Hassett has requested college presidents to plan for rescheduling exams, classes and other activities if necessary.

The CUNY colleges are encouraged to help employees set up car pools and other arrangements for getting to work. In particular cases, where staffing levels are difficult to maintain, the college may arrange for sleeping accommodations on campus for essential personnel for whom travel will be an undue hardship.

Staggered work schedules, telecommuting, sharing staff with more accessible colleges and other arrangements to maximize efficiency are being considered. In addition to employees designated as essential in emergencies, others who are unable to report to work may use annual leave or compensatory time to cover their absences.

For more information on alternate travel arrangements, please see the City of New York Website.