Statement by Chancellor Matthew Goldstein of The City University of New York on the 2000-2001 State Executive Budget

We are very encouraged and pleased that Governor George E. Pataki’s 2000-2001 New York State Executive Budget provides both funding stability and important improvements in operating and capital support for The City University of New York.

The Governor’s message to the New York State Legislature recognizes in significant ways the historic reforms undertaken by the Board of Trustees to make highly valued educational opportunities available to New Yorkers at all of our constituent colleges.

We are particularly grateful for several key elements of the proposed budget: the inclusion of financing for the collective bargaining agreement, thus assuring faculty and staff of support for negotiated increases; new funding to strengthen academic support services at all campuses, further enhancing recent Trustee efforts to raise standards and increase student success; funding to support maintenance and operations at the new home for the Graduate School and University Center; new and promising approaches to teacher incentives in order to help address impending teacher shortages, a particular concern in our urban schools; maintenance of the financial aid programs so that student financial assistance can continue to provide a critical foundation of help for eligible college students; and continued support for the University’s capital and building rehabilitation needs.

It is our profound hope that the issues of additional financing for the community colleges, increases in faculty positions, recognition of flagship programs and related legislative initiatives will be among the concerns considered by the Governor and the State Legislature during the budget review process. We will continue to work with the Executive and the State Senate and State Assembly to further identify University budget priorities that will advance both the fulfillment of CUNY’s educational mission and the necessary reforms to enable all CUNY students to realize their dreams.