Joint CUNY and Board of Ed. Statement on New Liaison for Recruitment and College Preparationn

Chancellors Matthew Goldstein and Harold Levy today announced the appointment of Lawrence Edwards as Deputy to the Chancellor for Recruitment and College Preparation, a newly created position which shall be jointly funded by the City University of New York and the Board of Education.

Mr. Edwards, who most recently served as Supervising Superintendent with the Board, will act as permanent liaison between the two institutions. His mission will be to ensure that there is a coordinated use of resources, active cooperation of the senior professionals in both systems and development of both CUNY recruiting programs and Board college preparatory classes. Mr. Edwards will have an office at both Board and CUNY headquarters. With this appointment, the two Chancellors recognize that the public education enterprise in this City, properly understood, is a Kindergarten through grade 16 system. Fully 60 percent of the CUNY entering class is composed of graduates of the New York City public school system. The Board has historically been the primary feeder institution for the City University. In recent years, City University has sought to use its resources to recruit more non-traditional students. This appointment recognizes that the futures of these institutions are inextricably joined.

Mr. Edwards’ responsibilities will include:

  • the coordination of the recently announced expansion of College Now to all public high schools;
  • the development of new initiatives for special populations in the schools (such as English language learners and high school students who do not graduate within four years);
  • the strengthening and expansion of the systems’ mutual efforts to insure an adequate supply of qualified teachers;
  • the expansion of collaborative professional development activities (in areas such as writing across the curriculum);
  • the efficient dissemination of information to students, parents and teachers on the University’s admissions and assessment processes (in light of the introduction of new standards for admission and a new program of skills assessment);
  • the identification of external resources for new initiatives, and
  • the regular coordination of all existing school-college collaborations (such as the seven affiliated high schools located on University campuses).

In the immediate future, Mr. Edwards will:

  • convene regular meetings of key individuals to review existing channels of communication and procedures and to identify ways of enhancing and improving them;
  • identify individuals with appropriate expertise in both systems to work on each of the above-mentioned priority areas;
  • conduct a comprehensive inventory of all existing collaborative programs;
  • investigate the possible application of Internet-based systems for promoting the more efficient dissemination of information and the promotion of best practices;
  • establish time frames for the completion of all specific projects and monitor the completion of all related tasks.