New University Dean for Teacher Education At CUNY

Dr. Nicholas M. Michelli, a nationally prominent leader in the field of teacher education and the Dean of the College of Education at Montclair (N.J.) State University, has been appointed University Dean for Teacher Education at the City University of New York, Chairman Herman Badillo and Chancellor Matthew Goldstein announced today. Dr. Michelli’s appointment, which culminates a year-long national search, was approved today by the CUNY Board of Trustees.

“With more than three decades of experience in developing programs for educators in urban settings, Dr. Michelli will lead CUNY into a new era of close cooperation with the New York City’s schools to ensure that the highest standards of teacher education are developed and maintained. Dr. Michelli brings to the University a history of collaboration with public schools, a strong focus on urban education and an impressive presence on the national scene,” Chancellor Goldstein said.

Dr. Michelli has specialized in teacher training for urban school systems, primarily in Paterson and Newark, New Jersey. He is chair of the Governing Council of the National Network of Educational Renewal, which promotes collaborative efforts among 34 universities and more than 600 partner schools in 14 states.

He is also co-author of Centers of Pedagogy: New Structures of Educational Renewal (Jossey Bass/ 1999).

David Imig, the President of the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education hailed Dr. Michelli as a national leader. “He is highly regarded by everyone and a passionate and articulate spokesperson for high quality teacher preparation,” Dr. Michelli declared. “The evidence is clear that the effectiveness of classroom teachers is the most important factor in promoting academic excellence in students. If we are to be successful in closing the achievement gap, it is the teachers that we must focus on as the most accessible and critical factor to reach that goal.”

CUNY, New York City’s largest source of teachers for the city’s public school system, is in the midst of a renewed effort to promote training and standards in its teacher education programs. Under the direction of Chairman Badillo and Chancellor Goldstein, the University has moved aggressively to raise teacher education program performance, hire new faculty and strengthen student exposure to liberal arts and science coursework.

“Teacher education is an area in which we needed to make a compelling statement,” Chancellor Goldstein said. “This commitment has been realized by the appointment of a highly-regarded University Dean for Teacher Education, a position that has been dormant at CUNY for many years.”

Dr. Michelli, a resident of Guttenberg, N.J., was graduated from Montclair State College. He obtained his masters degree in African Studies from New York University. He holds a Doctorate in Education from the Teachers College, Columbia University. His appointment as University Dean for Teacher Education is scheduled to begin on July 1.