A University on The Move: CUNY Report Highlights Progress and Reform

A new progress report on The City University of New York entitled “A University on the Move” was released today summarizing major initiatives underway at the nation’s largest urban university system.

The report summarizes efforts to strengthen academic standards, quality and access; partnership programs with the Board of Education, business and labor organizations; a new performance assessment system for all colleges, and new opportunities for students, including an Honors College.

The activities detailed in “A University on the Move” reflect the policies described in the University’s Master Plan approved in June by the Board of Trustees.

Those actions include:

  • Phase-out of remedial instruction at the senior colleges and greater emphasis on academic support services, immersion programs, and pre-collegiate coursework.
  • Appointment of five new college presidents and new searches underway.
  • Establishment of the first University-wide exit test from remediation.
  • Reaffirmation and enforcement of student transfer policy.
  • Implementation of a new proficiency examination to assess the progress of students as they advance towards graduation.
  • Opening of a new University-wide Honors College, drawing upon existing College honors programs and a “cultural” passport to New York City.
  • Signing of a partnership agreement with the Board of Education.
  • Expansion of the “College Now” program to all public high schools.
  • Naming of a new liaison between CUNY and the public schools system.
  • Designation of a new dean for teacher education.
  • Approval of a new Ph.D. in Urban Education.
  • Promotion of Teaching Opportunity Program (TOP) and new Teacher Empowerment Zone.
  • Establishment of a new Business Leadership Council, chaired by Lewis Rudin.
  • Expansion of worker education programs throughout the University.
  • Reorganization of the CUNY central administration.
  • Adoption of a performance assessment and executive compensation plan.
  • Development of a new management information system.
  • Approval of a new CUNY institute for software design and development.