CUNY’s “Project Vote” Reminder:October 13th is “D” Day (Decision Day)Last Day to Register for November 7th Election

The City University of New York’s “Project Vote” distributed posters this week to all 20 CUNY campuses urging members of the University community to register by October 13 so they can be eligible to vote in the presidential,statewide, and local elections on November 7.

This latest effort is part of a non-partisan University-wide program which included distribution of voter registration forms to CUNY students this summer and early fall. Student newspapers were provided with camera-ready voter registration formsfor easy printing and a seminar was held for student leaders active in the University Student Senate. CUNY Voter Registration Centers are available toprovide students with information on citizenship, residency and other requirements for voter registration.

Addresses and telephone numbers are available at the CUNY website The voter registration form may also be downloaded from the website and is also included in the Freshman Admissions Guide.

“Participation in the electoral process is an essential part of our civic responsibilty,” stated Chancellor Matthew Goldstein. He noted that the CUNY Project Vote is the most comprehensive multi-campus voter registration program in the nation.

The New York City Board of Elections is working with the University to help recruit students for training as poll workers on Election Day. The Board needs inspectors, foreign language interpreters and door clerks. Poll workers are paid $150 for serving on Election Day and $25 for attending atraining session and passing the exam. Further information is available at the Board of Elections offices in borough or by calling 212- 886-3800.