“Study With the Best” CUNY-TV’s Fast-Paced Magazine Show Sunday, December 30th at 8 p.m. on CUNY-TV/75

Close out the year 2001 with a visit to the “Haunted Hotel,” if you dare. This week’s installment of “Study With the Best” spotlights:

  • The Haunted Hotel, a real-life house of horrors constructed by New York City Technical College students who are preparing for stage technology careers on Broadway and other entertainment centers.
  • The memorable work of Anne Bastings, a playwright and innovator who is using storytelling and theatre to delve into the darkest reaches of Alzheimer’s disease at CUNY’s Brookdale Center on Aging/Hunter College.
  • And profiles of students past and present: First Lady Mildred Trouillot Aristide of Haiti, Bronx-raised and City College trained, and Ecuadorian-born Pedro Rojas, an honors student studying satellite technology.

“Study With the Best,” CUNY-TV’s new fast-paced magazine show, features these segments and more in the third episode of the series. Using eye-popping cross-cuts, funky camera angles, and chart-topping music tracks, senior producer and writer Prof. Linda Prout and on-air student co-hosts Tomiko Karino and Zyphus Lebrun, pack the half hour show with a borough-hopping itinerary. Prof Prout and her students all hail from City College’s Media and Communications Arts Department in Manhattan.

“Study With the Best” is the first television series devoted to opportunities in higher education. The show appears every Sunday at 8 on Channel 75. Streaming video excerpts are also featured on www.cuny.edu. the University web site.