Chancellor Matthew Goldstein’s Statement on Chairman Herman Badillo’s Resignation from the Board of Trustees

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Herman Badillo for his leadership as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York. All New Yorkers owe Herman a debt of gratitude for his extraordinary dedication to the educational mission of the University. During the past two years, I have worked very closely with Herman as we have made great strides towards turning the CUNY system around. Herman has been a champion of reform, taking on the tough challenges associated with needed changes at all levels of the educational process. He has provided an important voice for the pre-kindergarten through higher education transition, including his strong advocacy for the College Now program and for the revitalization of our teacher education programs. As an alumnus who graduated with honors from the City College of New York, he invoked a special commitment to CUNY’s vital role in fulfilling the aspirations and dreams of our student body. I wish him every success as he pursues his future goals.